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Archaeology – Depot with Venetian Silver Coins Excavated

(Vecer, 10.10.2007) - A depot with 2,383 Venetian silver 14th century coins, al put in a ceramic dish, is the latest excavation of archaeologists at Plaosnik in Ohrid.
Excavation manager Pasko Kuzman says that the coins are of exceptional significance, because they show the commercial link between Ohrid, i.e. monastery “St. Kliment” and Venice in that period.
Mosaic floors have also been revealed at Plaosnik recently. They are located in the northeast part of the complex, and according to Kuzman, they probably belong to an Episcopal court of the 5th century, at the time when town Lihnidos was the Episcopal center of province New Epirus.
The Government has allocated Euro six million for revival of the St. Kliment’s University in the next three years. Excavations include about 200 archaeologists, ethnologists, archaeology and art students, who should reveal the remains of the first university in Europe, active in the 9th and 10th centuries, educating about 3,500 students.







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